For women who like to be outdoor in style, our carefully curated range of outdoor lifestyle clothing and accessories is inspired by nature and sustainably made. Products that last a lifetime so you can focus on making an impact on the world through your actions not the things you leave behind. Products from a mix of independent craftspeople, own-brand clothing and international brands, each with their own unique story and inspiration but all working towards the shared goal of producing high-quality low impact goods.



Adaptable for your lifestyle…

Because we aim to cater to your urban and outdoor lifestyle, we’ve produced clothing that works for both. This cotton blend sweater works great for the office and as an extra layer when you’re sitting round a campfire. Thin enough as a base under your chunky knit in fall and as a relaxed top layer over your tank top in summer.


“Always with comfort, style and sustainability in mind.” – 123 Degrees West

Meet Eve the designer behind the 123 Degrees West range of women’s clothing. We wanted to create clothing that adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you’re working in the city or hiking a trail, always with comfort, style and sustainability in mind. Eve has a background in design having studied fashion in university before going on to design and make wedding dresses and interning at Vivienne Westwood. The world of fashion is constantly criticized for waste and that is why we produce a small number of garments to fit demand. We reuse our patterns in new prints or colours only once our fabrics run out, rather than seasonally, so we’re never wasteful.