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6 months later...

Canadian Citizenship

After all the panic due to the delay in getting my application sent off it arrived much earlier than I anticipated. It was a mere 4 months from the date I got the receipt to say it had been received in the Canadian Processing center! Plus I got a welcome surprise when my bank account was credited almost all of what I’d paid for it...this refund came with no explanation. I had a quick google but can only assume that most of the fee is a sort of deposit, a deterrent to people who intend to lie on the application. In total I paid £57 for my certificate proving I was a Canadian Citizen!

Special Authorization

I got this my citizenship certificate through just two weeks before we were due to fly. I’d read previously that the Canadian government had changed the law meaning that all citizens MUST have a Canadian passport to travel into the country by plane. Not having one could mean you’re stopped from boarding your flight. Obviously two weeks was not enough time for me to get a passport, even if I got an emergency one. But a bit more googling showed that I needed to apply for ‘Special Authorization’ ten days before my flight in order to travel on my UK passport.

UK Passport

Back in June I noticed that my UK passport had 9 months left. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but it’s not advisable to travel anywhere with less than 6 months left and since we’d be arriving into Canada for the last time, before declaring our intent to stay, in November I thought it best to have a new UK passport and avoid any awkward questions.

Alex's Visa

While I was getting an extremely cheap deal on my legal status in Canada, plus speedy confirmation, Alex was yet to hear anything about his Permanent Residency application. This didn’t come until October, while we were well on the road trip, when he was asked to submit any updated contact information (address & phone number), a form with details they already had, and 2 visa photos (50mm x 70mm). Since then we haven’t had an update, so although it seems like everything should go through, it’s now 7 months and counting (the maximum wait time)...


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