Easy as 123

The decision was an easy one...

Both of us a little restless with work and not wanting to do the conventional next step of marriage, houses and babies, we started talking, over a bottle or two, about what we’d always wanted to do and for both of us this was start a business or live in another country.

My mum was born in Vancouver, and this gives me rights to Canadian citizenship and a passport, plus Vancouver has access to some of the most outstanding natural beauty in the world and all the sporting activities that come with that: skiing, climbing, walking, surfing - to name a few. Plus after living in London any city in the world would seems like a bargain so affording rent shouldn’t be a problem.

If we were going to move away we both wanted to take the opportunity to do a bit of traveling on the way and so a plan was slowly hatched; we wanted to leave in a year and a half, giving me enough time to progress further in my job, save some money and enjoy London for a bit longer.

One morning I woke up and said "how cool would it be to do a road trip in a Land Rover with a bed in the back?”

Very cool. So that's what we're doing. Inevitably work got shitter, reasons to delay got weaker and plans got exciting-er, so eighteen months became nine.

Alex is in charge of the car and I’m in charge of making our presence in Canada legal. Alex has taken to his role like any good strategy consultant and created OneNote document with links to useful sites and a budget sheet (this rather optimistically shows us returning with more money than when we left...I’ll let you know how that turns out). His thought process is that because land rover defenders are popular cars but never produced in North America that we’ll be able to sell it for more than we bought it. Plus one of our harebrained schemes to start our own business will make us millionaires, right?


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