Tribute to a great man and an unconventional granddad...

During the planning of this trip my Granddad Derek has been brought up on numerous occasions, and when Alex (going for alliteration) suggested naming the Defender "Derek" it seemed incredibly apt. I thought I might explain why and give a small tribute to a great man and an unconventional granddad who would have been so excited by this trip he probably would have shown up in Nova Scotia and followed us on our journey through North America.

Over 40 years ago Derek fell in love with a part of Scotland called Loch Moidart on the west coast. He bought a acre of land and built a self contained cabin that would eventually have; a wood burning stove for heating, it's own running water system and septic tank, gas bottles for cooking, lighting and hot water, and even a wind turbine to run a plug socket.

Derek may not have been conventional but his inventiveness and ingenuity provided a childhood of unique experiences. Treigh Bhan, the cabin at Moidart, is an extraordinary legacy to leave behind, it will always be in need of maintenance and refurbishment, and requires organisation and effort to get there...

...a reminder of what can come from hard work and the joy found at the end of a journey.

This is what Derek stood for and these lessons are what he passed on to my mother and from her to me. And that's why the idea of fixing up a 15 year old Land Rover with a bed in the back, shipping it over to the US, and hitting the road is not only an achievable dream but a dream to begin with.


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