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Sophisticated and superior…

After a lot of research and product testing, we’ve found that safety razors provide the greatest shave. Though traditionally used by men, there is absolutely no reason women can’t enjoy their sophisticated and superior results. Safety razors are far more gentle on your skin and dramatically decreases irritation because they use a single blade rather than the multi-blade cartridges you’re most likely used to.


“Creating a community has been one of the most rewarding parts of this process" - Well Kept

Meet Emily and Natalie good friends and the founders of Well Kept. Both passionate about reducing waste, they began looking for simple products, with natural ingredients and appealing aesthetics that they could incorporate into their own lives. That’s when they discovered a gap in the market. They got stuck, not being able to find an alternative for plastic, baby blue or hot pink razors. After a lot of research and product testing, they decided to create Well Kept providing a superior, more sustainable alternative for women’s shaving. Not only that but they have created a space where women can speak openly about – leg hair, armpit hair, ‘self-care’ myths, plastic waste, cosmetic industry ingredients – things that don’t always meet the norms of the beauty industry.