Aeon Leather Studio

“With a spirit, built by the makers’ love and devotion”

Alex fell in love with the craft of leatherwork after the search for a romantic gesture led her to create a passport case as a gift in a leather workshop. A passion for the beauty and texture of leather combined with an existing fascination with clean, simple Japanese design, and Aeon Leather Studios was born. Aeon, meaning ‘indefinite’ or ‘a very long period of time’, represents an ethos where pieces are made to endure through time and style. The leather used for Aeon accessories is sourced from a local Vancouver warehouse where Alex can see and touch each piece before making a choice based on its individual aesthetics. The material is then hand dyed in Aeon Leather Studio and carefully handcrafted into the finished piece. “Unique in its own way” is the ethos behind the brand’s design, influenced by the Japanese view Wabi-sabi, meaning it is the imperfections that make each piece of leather interesting.



High quality and low impact

Beautifully handcrafted leather goods and jewelry, 123 Degrees West looks for simplicity in design when choosing brands to work with. We chose independent designers for their knowledge and skills, and for their commitments to high quality and low impact.