“With a spirit, built by the makers’ love and devotion”

Minimalist jewelry designed by Fernanda & Jérôme of AgJc. They met through their shared backgrounds in art and design and their mutual love of working with their hands. After sharing a studio in Barcelona for a time they finally took a leap of faith, and so the AgJc Paris based atelier was founded. With an overarching ethos of “less is more” AgJc jewelry is crafted from designs based on simplicity and clean lines. Using a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, every exquisite piece is hand crafted out of high-quality precious metals.



High quality and low impact

Beautifully handcrafted leather goods and jewelry, 123 Degrees West looks for simplicity in design when choosing brands to work with. We chose independent designers for their knowledge and skills, and for their commitments to high quality and low impact.