"What else have you always wanted to do?"


It all started with a simple question posed in a London tattoo parlour. Emboldened by a recent leap into the unknown and ready to embark on the next.

Ten frantic months later, the start of an epic journey across 10,000 miles of North American cornfields, mountains, deserts, cities, beaches and forests. Lives packed and unpacked daily into the cramped interior of a 20-year-old British icon. Miles of tarmac, gravel and rocks punctuated with campfires, kayaks and cocktails.

The Pacific North West was the destination, 123 Degrees West of old lives in London. The majestic natural surroundings inspired boldness, and a blog became a shared business.


The next adventure, but not all adventures take a linear path. After a year and a major false start, finally a realisation. The answer to the original question.

Our own clothing brand, a creative outlet inspired by our journey and designed to amplify the life we love, a life that enjoys both the city and the mountains in balance.


A life that roams


The Long Way Round

The journey to 123 Degrees West really started when we bought a Land Rover Defender in Belgium, converted it into a camper in London, and shipped it to Canada for a ten thousand mile road trip through the USA...



Each 123 Degrees West piece is designed to last. High quality natural fabrics are hand-sewn into garments that combine timeless style with exceptional attention to detail.


We believe strongly in sexual equality without sacrificing personal style, so all of our 2020 collection is unisex in design. This also allows us to be more efficient with both our time and our beautiful fabrics, reducing costs as well as our impact on the world we love exploring.


All collection pieces are made to order, allowing us to keep an obsessive eye on quality. It does mean that if we’re over-stretched with orders or we’re busy enjoying the great outdoors, we might need to send you a message to let you know an expected dispatch date for your order. It should be within a week.