Across 123 degrees of longitude...

We're Eve & Alex, the creators of 123 Degrees West. Originally a travel blog; 123 Degrees West documented our journey after deciding not only to move to another country, but to buy a Land Rover Defender, put a bed in the back, ship it to Canada, and drive it across the States.


We met in London, sharing a love of both an urban lifestyle and the outdoors. We built a home together and travelled out of the city whenever we could but felt like the balance wasn’t quite right. We wanted to move somewhere we could enjoy more of the latter.


With Vancouver as our destination we packed up our lives and, intent on spending 3 months living out of a car on the road, we had to be selective. The process showed us that enjoying life is aided by two types of things. The things that help you achieve, like a 70 metre climbing rope. And things that give you satisfaction, like a beautifully made top that goes with everything.


From the experience we wanted to try to create a brand that brings both. A business we could believe in, selling quality made products from designers who share the same values, both in life and business.