Inspired by a life lived on the road. A life lived out of a bag. A life that roams.


An essential road trip wardrobe needs four things - shorts, tees, sweatshirts and a statement piece for when the desert becomes Vegas (baby!)


Inspired by every great thrifted Hawaiian shirt, the type of shirt that makes you want to drink a cocktail, that puts you in the mind for beaches and sunbathing, the smell of tanning oil and the sea. We wanted something that could be thrown over a bikini or swim trunks, to grab a bite to eat off the beach and continue partying into the night.


It had to be made from a fabric that feels great against your skin, especially in hot weather, something breathable and natural. Our printed rayons are a twist on the classic floral Hawaiian print, for a shirt that’s less tropical island and more city beach.



Shorts - your summer road trip staple. They’re easy, comfortable and practical for when you’re repacking your gear for the fifth time that day. Drive through the desert in a car without aircon and your favourite denim shorts start to chafe. Comfort is key to Vanlife inspired design, and Wendens are made from soft, breathable, durable fabric; organic hemp blend. What better item to have in your small selection than one that’s actually two!


However hot your summer gets there will always be the moments you want comfort. For sitting around campfires and chilly mornings making coffee. Made from a 100% cotton, large loop terry that adds extra insulation, the Ardtoe sweatshirt will quickly become your go-to. The warmest sweatshirt you’ll ever own.